8:12 PM: Unless you're deaf, this makes you look like a dumbass.

Throughout the years, people have learned to do some pretty creative things with their hands. Take the peace sign for example. It was probably invented by jews (they invented EVERYTHING), and sends a positive and important message, especially on a day like this: no matter what the assholes across the sea do to us, it's best to turn the other cheek, in order to "maintain" world peace. It sounds laughable in the W. Bush era, but the peace sign was around during some great things...the destruction of the belin wall, the veitnam war (who doesn't smile when they think about that?), reagan getting shot (bitch deserved it), clinton commiting adultery vicariously through a cigar...i'm not sure where i'm going with this, but it's safe to say that the peace sign is a good thing, and hopefully, will be around for a long time, provided bush doesn't get us all blown up to hell first.

This, however:

is not cool.

I used to think that doing this motion:

with your hand looked cool. boy, was I wrong. The only thing giving the birdie does is make you look stupid. I'm bad about doing it, and even do it without thinking about it now (i flicked j.p. off today on dean road, just because his big truck pisses me off), but I am going to try my damndest to stop.

I mean, just look at it:

What's so cool about it? Let the deaf people have their fun, their already disabled...do you have to steal their one joke?

My theory is that one day pretty soon, the thumbs up sign will become cooler than the:

"fuck you" sign, for the first time ever.

So next time you are about to flick someone off, why not give them the sarcastic thumbs up sign instead? it's impossible to have a come back on, and makes you look smarter than your foe, who looks like he's trying to pull his middle finger out of his socket while you look calm, cold, and composed. and badass.

anyways, just look at this guy:

his facial expression alone makes me happy. let's try to stay positive here. plus, old people giving the thumbs up sign > wiggers flicking you off. not. cool.

you all suck.

and so did this post...sorry, i'll try to do better tomorrow or saturday, whenever I get around to posting again.

birdman dissipate.