10:13 PM: Pot Kettle Black...and Honore.

Throughout the years, I've seen many many white people, but in the last couple of weeks, my gadar has zeroed in on three of the whitest of the whitest, the soggiest crackers in the box, the cream of the cream. Below, I will examine each one in great detail, and determine a winner in this glorious contest:

1. Richard Simmons

Ah, Richard Simmons. The gayest heterosexual since Superman. Don't inhale anywhere near him...the fumes from the unprecedent amount of flaming emitting from him is enough to put you in a coma.

Richard Simmons gets:

3 out of 5 minivans.

Up next is the front runner for whitest person on the planet, Mr. Alan Greenspan

He's old, rich, greedy, hates black people, and has an ugly wife...how much more white can you get?

Mr. Greenspan gets:

4 out of 5 jars of mayonnaise

Lastly is one Honore Hishamunda

Yeah, I went there. Don't let his outward appearance fool you...Honore is the whitest person on the planet. He owns a north face jacket, listens to phish, drinks coor's light, and knows how to read. Oh yes, white all the way.

Mr. Hishapottamus gets:

5 out of 5 members of *NSYNC
I think we have a winner!

*A special thankyou goes out to Matt Mcclanahan for coming up with this post idea, and for scrounging up a picture of Honore.

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