11:22 PM: passive agressive underpants, pt. II

After watching the first week of pro football and the first 2 weeks of college football, i'm ready to make my pre-season predictions:

(post dated August 15th)

1. Michigan is going to kick everyone's ass, and win the national title game, in which they'll face kansas state.

January 4th 2004:

I can't wait.

if ole miss wins nine games, then eli manning will win the heisman. if they don't, and the wolverines make it to the sugar bowl, then chris perry will win the heisman.

The Buffalo bills:

will win the NFL Championship, and this guy:

will be MVP.

One more thing: I know this might not go over well in tiger country, but I think Auburn might be overrated. Sure, they have some awesome tailbacks, but they can't all play at once. The O-line looks sketchy though, and Jason Campbell really really sucks. We'll find out just how good they are in a few weeks against USC, i guess...

Oh yeah, one more thing:

Birdman, mother fucka! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrr.