5:02 PM: I bet I can piss farther than you...

hunarg: god, yale keep emailing me shit
sarlik: ...
sarlik: quit trying to impress me with your book learnin
sarlik: southern union is the only school for me, mo fo
hunarg: thats it?
hunarg: no auburn?
hunarg: or at least tsu
sarlik: i may go to alabama...scott said he didn't get into auburn with a 2.95 gpa and a 27 act
sarlik: so things aren't looking great at the moment.
hunarg: too bad
hunarg: i might go to auburn, in the end
hunarg: jay gets a car...a 2004 f-150 quad cab lariat to be specific
hunarg: i get the car if i go to college for free
hunarg: you can get into alabama...sad as that is
sarlik: bitch.

JESUS CHRIST JAY, DO YOU HAVE TO BRAG ABOUT EVERY FUCKING ADVANTAGE YOU HAVE IN LIFE? Yes you get good grades, and can get into a good college, and yes your parents are loaded, but money can't buy love. Or sexiness. Or a sense of humor. Or a ride to school...by the way, I need one tomorrow...who wants to hook me up? Jay?