8:32 PM: Hands down, this is the worst CD I can ever remember..

So, I finally listened to the new Dashboard Confessional CD today, "A Mark, A Mission, A Brand, A Scar." Let me preface this review by saying that I am, admittedly, a closet fan of Dashboard Confessional. Sure, the songs are dopey and a little generic, but there's usually more than enough raw emotion in Chris Carabba's music to make you look over the many flaws in his music. Plus, just like Jack Johnson, Greenday, Bright Eyes, Ryan Adams, The Atari's, NOFX, John Mayer, DMB, etc., it's a really good band to be knowledgable on when talking to girls. They (you) love that shit.

This CD (which I actually paid full price for, by the way):

sucks in more ways than I can count (i.e. more than 5).

First of all, the CD starts with a "revamped, extremified" version of one of DC's older songs, Hands Down. The song Hands Down wasn't very good to begin with, and after listening to the revamped version, complete with electrical guitar and drums, of a very acoustic song, any bit of hope I had that CD would be worth my $12.99 was lost.

The CD doesn't get any better later with songs such as "Carve Your Heart Out Yourself," "Am I Missing," and "Hey Girl" (ooh, how original!).

The only song here worth your time is "So Beautiful," a song in the vein of some of DC's older stuff, such as "For Justin," "Turpentine Chaser," and "The Places You Have Come To Fear the Most."

All in all, the CD was just horrid. More depressing than a "The Postal Service" CD, with about 1/4th of the quality. If you want my copy, send me an e-mail, aim, or stop me around town, and I'll give it to you for $5.00.

If you want decent emo, you'd be better off with an old Bright Eyes CD such as "Letting off the Happiness," or "Fevers and Mirrors," or Weezer's wonderful sophomore EP, "Pinkerton." Or, better yet, just avoid the whole emo genre completely..you don't want to end up like this:

(Chris Carrabba of DC after being informed that Captain D's just ran out of Fish Sticks)