9:15 AM: Good God, I'm pathetic.

My plans for the weekend:

LOTR: TTT. This movie was freaking awesome. I'll be purchasing it today, but probably won't get around to watching it until late friday or saturday night.

A friend recommended this movie to me earlier in the summer, so I downloaded it off of kazaa, and liked it. Now I'm going to rent it and enjoy the movie in it's original, movie theater quality, form.

Ah yes, the best arcade game of the year finally arrives at my house. Soul Calibur 2 will own my house for the next week or so.

AU vs. USC. this game is going to kick so much ass..I have intentionally made no other plans for saturday, so I can be on campus all day, enjoy the atmosphere, sell programs, then watch (possibly) the game of the year. it doesn't get much better than this, sadly..

the best resteraunt ever, moe's, will of course be squeezed in somewhere this weekend.

and of course, Hastings. Going to Hastings on Friday night always leads to something better.

no good movies seem to be coming out, and sunday will be ruined by homework. Still, a decent weekend.