10:38 PM: I SUCK.

today kind of sucked. i worked out w/ a friend, watched a movie ("sonny"...don't rent it), talked to the regulars at hastings for like two hours, ate pizza and watched football with mark, and made fun of my brother for acting "like one of dem queers." also, i watched two straight episodes of "queer eye for the straight guy." holy god, i almost pissed my pants laughing while watching this show. you MUST watch it (it comes on on tuesday night at 8, usually).

not much more happened..i played a few videogames, went car shopping, masturbated 8 or 9 times, killed some kittens, finished mein kampf, went skydiving, patented a solar powered vibrator, and ate an aborted fetus. besides that, nothing happened today, at all.

i've been saying "fuck" and "shit" too much. i just can't fucking stop, everytime i try to say something intelligent, i end up saying some shit like "what kind of bathroom situation do you think they had at the concentration camps? i bet the bathrooms were the REAL gas chambers, if you know what i mean..el oh el."

no wonder every minority in existence hates me, including caucasians.

it's just sad..