well, i just set up the blog, and now don't have too much to say.

let's see..i went to school today, took two tests, slept, went to hastings where i saw literally 30 people i know (and enjoy talking to), and went to see "freddy vs. jason" with mark p. and two other losers. F vs. J kicked so much ass..it wasn't scary at all, but it made up for it with the sheer amount of hilarity packed into it's 100 minute running time.

the BEST part of the night: in freddy vs. jason, a goat pops up on the screen for no reason. well, after seeing that, the black girl sitting next to me in the theater decided to inform everyone of it's existence by yelling "that's a goat!"

good god, i've never laughed so hard in my life.

now it's time for reading, zelda, sportscenter, and then bed. every post after this one will actually be interesting, i promise.