9:39 PM: I'm a dumbass.

As I sit here, listening to some shitty Bright Eyes song (they all sound the same..conor yelling, followed by a disjointed chorus, repeat three times, then a really annoying instrumental at the end), I've started thinking...

I, more than anyone else I know (well, rivers does it too, i guess, as well as a few others), love to put into action events that will make my life more interesting. School life is just too boring for me most of the time, so whether it involves running for class president, running for secretary on a sexist platform, making fun of people I hardly even know (or, even more excitingly, don't know at all), confusing people by making an e-mail address with their name in it, and bothering them (I've done that to about 10 friends, and some of them still don't know who the hell kept bothering them), starting a band despite my blatant lack of any musical talent whatsoever, being an asshole at school, losing 35 pounds in 12 weeks after someone tells me they think it'd be a good idea, or writing stupid shit like this, any blip on the radar o' every day life makes life more enjoyable for me.

What's next you ask? Aside from helping in the creation of a memorial site in honor of a certain out-of-commission blog, two words:
Dance fever, bitch (okay, three words).

That's right, despite having no reason to go to homecoming at all, I've decided to go, preferably with a date that is willing to join me in dressing in full Saturday Night Fever disco regalia. Hell yeah!

That's going to be me and *insert your name here* come October 11th, minus the whole "black" and "not looking like a complete idiot" thing.

I have no idea if any girl at AHS is willing to make an ass of themself just so I can laugh at myself, but there has to be ONE..right?

If you want to get groovy come the 11th, contact me either at school, via e-mail, on aim, or telepathically.