haha, i'm such an asshole/pussy:

after making fun of zac weaver's blog earlier today in my profile, he confronted me about it on AIM (duh duh duh!), and I backed down like a little bitch:

diksi surf: details-principles matter
diksi surf: i told u, if u wanna settle this shit in person, i can definately arrange that so u can tell me where u live or drop this shit, pussy!
sarlik: whatever, man. if it makes you feel better, i apologize for putting that in my profile. i didn't know it would piss you off so much..
diksi surf: yeah, it did and i'd appreciate it if u would forget i fuckin exist and i'd gladly do the same
sarlik: allright.

even over the internet, that guy scares the crap out of me.

you have to admit, his blog is pretty damn funny.. ( http://www.dicksisurf.blogspot.com )