11:23 PM: My other car is a vagina filled with centipedes!

I'm about to do something unprecedented for me, or pretty much any high school age boy in existence:

*wait for it*

admit that I was wrong about something.

After admitting on this very blog to having bought the new dashboard confessional cd, and bashing ben kweller's newest cd, "sha sha" today in journalism, I endured a humbling music snob backlash. "how can you not like ben kweller and like dashboard?" they say. "I just bought the cd, and I don't really like either of the cd's" I say. "you bought BOTH of the dashboard cd's?" they say. "well, i have them both, yes, but that's not what i was talking abo.." "geez, you're a lost cause."

anyways, the embarrassment caused me to bust out the ben kweller cd:

(which i only gave one playthrough on my cd player before putting up for good), and listened to it 3 times today: once in my car, and twice while on the computer. After hearing all the tracks again, I must admit that I was wrong about the cd. Songs that seemed overblown and repetitive the first time were alot more fun to listen to this time around, probably because of my newfound familiarity with the cd. I still stand by some of my first impressions of the cd, though: not every song on this album is solid (i'm looking at you, "lizzy"), some of the songs repeat their choruses a few too many times, and kweller has a few "oberst-esque" relapses throughout the cd (there's no need for "in other words" to last for almost 6 minutes, just like there's no reason for "the big picture" off of lifted to last for nearly 9 minutes). my favorite song off the cd has to be "harriet's got a song," followed by "family tree." feel free to tell me what you think of it, if you'd like. stop me at school sometime, or e-mail me, or im me. it's not like I have anything better to do, anyways..

all in all though, the songs are quite enjoyable, and make for some enjoyable car/computer/homework music.

I admit it, I was in fact wrong...Damien Rice still sucks, though. *pow-zing!*