First of all, let me just say this: girls like A LOT of shitty music. Christina Aguilera, A Simple Plan, Avril Lavigne, 50 Cents, Destinys Children, Rap in general, Country music, etc.

Some girls, however, love good music. Those girls are usually intelligent, cute, and generally more fun to be around.

Ok, now this is how I teach you how to make a mix CD for that second type of girl:

First, you have to concede one big thing: you aren't going to like all the same bands. My cousin, for example, is in love with the all american rejects and the starting line, two bands that I generally loathe. I'm a fan of some weird bands like The Flaming Lips, Fountains of Wayne, and The Velvet Underground. If you're going to make a CD that both of us is going to enjoy, you have to include one of her bands that you don't like. It's only fair. You want to enjoy the cd that you spent time making, but it's much more important that THEY enjoy the cd. Also, don't put any "oldies" on the CD. As much as guys love oldies, most girls just don't take a liking to them. It's best not to take any chances and leave old songs off completely, unless it's a REALLY good song (i.e. stephanie says, with a little help from my friends, etc.). Also you usually have to put mostly mainstream songs on the cd's..alot of girls just can't get into obscure stuff. Also, most highschool age girls tend to like country, punk-pop, and acoustic music almost exclusively.

This is a CD that I'm making for Renee Frojo tonight, since she's the only person who actually gets excited when I make her a new mix CD, and she happens to be a female. Pay attention, kids.

1. Bright Eyes-If Winter Ends
A slightly depressing, slightly disjointed, completely brilliant song from one of the most hit or miss musicians of our generation. This song is definitely a direct hit for conor oberst, and is usually a hit with the females. Not always though..it's kind of experimentalish, and some girls can't handle unfamiliar music. Sets a half-depressing, half-hopeful tone for the rest of a CD.

2. Fountains of Wayne-Valley Winter Song
Your classic boy meets girl song, with a slight twist at the end. Sounds like a built to spill song, except good.

3. Ben Folds Five-Magic
When most people say they like Ben Folds Five, it means that they like "Brick" and "Song for the dumped." Broaden you horizons with one of Ben Folds most understated, beautiful songs.

4. Dashboard Confessional-So Beautiful
This is what I meant when I said you had to make compromises in the CD. This is the kind of empowering song that girls LOVE, and I admit that I catch myself singing along to it from time to time as well.

5. Sublime-Garden Grove
Most girls claim to love Sublime, but only know a few songs by them. Meet them in the middle with a classic non-hit song from Sublime.

6. Something Corporate-Straw Dogs
Sub-par pop-punk band, above average song.

7. Radiohead-Just
A mix CD without radiohead you say? why, you must be mad!

8. The Ataris-San Dimas High School Football Rules
A very fast, very energetic, very good song by The Ataris. Plus, girls are obsessed with the ataris.

9. Jack Johnson-Bubble Toes
This song is a staple on any mix cd made with a female in mind. It's a good song, anyways.

10. Weezer-Only In Dreams
Every girl loves the Weez, so give them a Weezer song they may not have heard before.

11. The Postal Service-We Will Become Silhouettes
Not many girls know about this band unless they are pretty music savvy, to take the opportunity to introduce them to a new band that they might like. They'll appreciate it.

12. Dashboard Confessional-The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
Most girls LOVE this song. Don't ask me why, they just do.

13. Greenday-Longview
Mix things up a bit with some classic Greenday (another favorite among high school age girls)

14. Third Eye Blind-Graduate
A hard edged song that guys and girls can generally agree on. A very rare thing indeed.

15. Jack Johnson-Taylor
Another Jack Johnson song, because, again, girls love this guy.

16. Bright Eyes-A Perfect Sonnet
Bright Eyes: A competent substitute to Bob Dylan on any mix cd (hey, at least conor's better than Jason Mraz).

17. Ben Folds Five-Best Imitation of Myself
Another mellow BFF song that girls seem to like. Plus, it's one of my favorites.

18. The Ataris-Your Boyfriend Sucks
Clever title, pretty good song (besides the unfortunate last minute of dialogue in the song that gets old FAST).

19. Nirvana-The Man Who Sold The World
A great song to introduce a girl to Nirvana too. Not too hard, catchy, and filled with emotion. A great end to your cd.

Ok, now you're an instant expert on making a CD that most guys and girls can agree on. If anyone wants a copy of this cd to give to a female friend or to listen to themselves, Either IM me tonite or ask me tomorrow at school, and i'll give you a copy, provided I have any copies left.

To the gym!

(by the way, none of the above applies to caroline gibson. happy caroline?)