8:21 PM: There's a reason casserole rhymes with asshole..

NOTE to all of the people sending us casserole every night because my mom's about to have a baby:


Literally, almost every day when I come home from school, someone from church or one of my mom's co-workers sends us one of these:

I'm not quite sure what kind of elaborate practical joke human kind has been pulling on me lately, but it's getting OLD. fast.

As if having to eat casserole or lasagna every damn day of the week isn't enough, the people who send it to us stay at our house for like an hour "just talking." i'm usually forced to sit in the living room and listen to them talk about jesus/hgtv/black people/jesus again for at least half an hour, and my parents ALWAYS make me tell them thankyou, for this wonderful, wonderful casserole.

I don't have any actual proof to back this up, but i'm 95% sure that casserole is satan's way of giving an extra "fuck you" to those in mourning. Sure, it's easy and cheap for people to make and take to a funeral, but it tastes like shit. Who really wants to eat casserole right after their grandma died? anyone?

didn't think so.

Also, to make things worse, my social life plummeted to new depths today, as I went to judicial club and talked to a grandtotal of FOUR people, including Mrs. Reigel, sat with the super cool asian freshman, and got three pity smiles from the vice president, who was looking at me with a concerned/"it's going to be ok" look on her face every time I looked her way.

To top it all off, today's my parents anniversary, meaning they're probably going to be having sex tonight. meaning I'm going to probably hear them through the wall tonight, meaning I'm probably going to be up all night, too repulsed and disgusted to get to sleep.

well at least I have a super easy/fun day tomorrow (media aide, journalism, math, debate...yeah, when I say "easy" I mean it) and have heard about and been invited to two social gatherings that sound promising. look for a drunken post early sunday morning..

jesus christ, my life is a poorly written sitcom..