7:50 AM: Never drink and type.

Thank god I left my im on last night...things I (and others) typed while trying not to go to sleep too soon after the social gathering last night:

sarlik (11:37:08 PM): i;lm sto ufuckinge wdrunkl'
DDRK (11:37:49 PM): your incoherint typping gives it away
sarlik (11:38:00 PM): wjhat tje[opirficl

DDRK (11:38:10 PM): what?
sarlik (11:38:19 PM): fuckl jouyo marne i';m sorber
DDRK (11:38:29 PM): i believeit
sarlik (11:38:41 PM): ueaj.e ,am
DDRK (11:39:24 PM): you've told me about the rocking parties
sarlik (11:39:40 PM): u;nfyjcnubg drybj'
DDRK (11:41:03 PM): but why you talking to me
DDRK(11:41:09 PM): enjopy they partry
sarlik (11:41:15 PM): i'm trying to get bsoer
sarlik (11:41:17 PM): sober
sarlik (11:41:20 PM): sobert
DDRK (11:41:43 PM): oh
sarlik (11:41:58 PM): yehn/...

arlik: oi',. r spe drfilclomg driomol]s
xKaziK: :-)
sarlik: q
xKaziK: I knew you loved me too
sarlik: fuciklm;w,di'm durjkns
xKaziK: aey
xKaziK: i raeh ay
sarlik: i'm fucknikng edrujnk,'
xKaziK: and I really care LOLZXOL
sarlik: i've got to get sober.
sarlik: that took like 10 mintues to write, lolol
sarlik: jajar
xKaziK: prank'ed
sarlik: hjahah!
xKaziK: prolyl [cnsdl

sarlik: what adoiu you do toeh gbet sober/
HeavyMetal634: Don't drink.

Honore2005: how the hell did u get on the internet
Honore2005: matt

wherestompenny (2:09:24 AM): sup guy
wherestompenny (2:10:00 AM): you there?
wherestompenny (2:12:31 AM): brrrrrr
wherestompenny (2:12:48 AM): where you at my birdman sucka?
wherestompenny (2:38:37 AM): dude!!!
wherestompenny (2:38:48 AM): bwayayahaha hahalaoloaoaosass
wherestompenny (2:39:01 AM): you know what i be spittin sucka?
wherestompenny (2:39:07 AM): nigg prune jars
wherestompenny (2:39:17 AM): lilllying capacity 39959
wherestompenny (2:39:26 AM): like rabbit pissy poopers
wherestompenny (2:39:36 AM): punke like crazy in miami
wherestompenny (2:39:55 AM): head floating in a rabbit den full of robert trent jones

hahaha, nigg prune jars 444 lyfe.
How the hell did you get on the internet?
All the conversations were funny in their own way, but honore's and richard's are the ones that actually made me "lol."
yeah, last night was fun, too bad i had to be home before midnight..