9:37 PM: Ice Ice Baby, Too Cold To Hold

I decided to make another mix cd, since my last one sucked unless you're a girl, and because one Mr. Chandler White introduced me to some great music lately. Here is the track list and a little bit about every song. Tell me at school if you want a copy, I'll hook you up with one for $1 (if you're a girl or in the flock) or $2 (if you're a non-flock affiliated guy).

1. Bright Eyes-Touch
A very trippy, 70's sounding ode to breaking up and, subsequently, breaking down. One of my favorite Bright Eyes songs, and a good way to start off an album.

2. Jeff Buckley-Last Goodbye
A beautifully written song about either the death of a loved one, or breaking up. I'm not completely sure which one. Really good song though..

3. Ben Kweller-Harriet's Got A Song
I just cant get over the Xylophone chorus of this song, it's so freaking cool. Perfect for a singer/songwriter CD like this.

4. Aimee Mann-Save Me
One of my favorite movies of all time is Magnolia, so this pick should be self-explanatory. Aimee Mann is one of the most underrated Singer/songwriters out there. She's been putting out good music since the 80's, and still hasn't gotten the recognition that she deserves.

5. Bright Eyes-Bowl of Oranges
Had to mix up the depressingness of this cd with an upbeat song. Plus, this is my favorite Bright Eyes song. "You're eyes must do some raining if you're ever gonna grow." The ATS would hate this song, which makes it even better.

6. Modest Mouse-3rd Planet
Richard introduced me to this band a few weeks ago, and while many of their songs are pretty good, only this one and dramamine are worth being put on a mix CD, in my opinion.

7. The Bens-Bruised
The best song by the first supergroup of singer songwriters named ben (ben lee, kweller, and folds). Puts you right back into that depressed mood. Great song to commit suicide to.

8. Ben Lee w/ Liz Phair-Away with the pixies
Liz Phair, one of my favorite guilty pleasures, lends vocals to this classic track about growing up, and becoming disenchanted with life (who hasn't been there?).

9. Ben Kweller-BK's Back
Ben Kweller's hilarious ode to himself. Truly has to be heard to be fully understood.

10. Ben Folds Five-Twin Falls
My favorite cover ever. I believe BFF's version to be far superior to Built To Spill's original version, which is really hard to pull off.

11. Bright Eyes-If Winter Ends
Time to get really depressed...Conor sings about learning that life sucks, and trying to get out of Omaha.

12. The Velvet Underground-Stephanie Says
This is The Velvet Underground's best song, in my opinion. So why hasn't anyone heard it? Bah.

13. Ben Folds Five-Smoke
My favorite Ben Folds Five song ever, and one of my favorite songs, period. I recommended this for our senior song, but of course, it was beaten out by songs like "In the End" by Linkin Parka and "The Anthem" by Good Raleigh. Fucking idiot seniors don't know nothing about Birdman....b/grrrrrr.

14. Fountains of Wayne-Denise
You probably don't think you've heard this song, but you have. It's an awesome tune to cruise around to, and catchy as hell: "sha la la la la la la she controls me...I can't help myself." That hits home.

15. Bright Eyes-A Perfect Sonnet
Another really really good Bright Eyes song, plus it includes one of my favorite lyrics ever: "Everything you've ever seen is just a mirror." *As Sean* THINK ABOUT IT!

16. G Love and Special Sauce-My Baby's Got Sauce
A fun, upbeat song to get you out of the rut of depression that the rest of this cd has probably been putting you in. If it sounds familiar, it's because it's the newest song to be featured in those sony discman commercials with the little blue alien.

17. Jeff Buckley-Grace
Buckley's other great song. Should be essential listening for everyone. Chandler, thanks for introducing me to this guy...he's awesome. Too bad he died midway through making his second album..

18. The Postal Service-We Will Become Silhouettes
If you like Death Cab For Cutie, you should love this song. Half cheesy 80's pop, half techno, all fun to listen to.

19. Elliot Smith-Needle In The Hay
Yet another depressing song by a brilliant singer/songwriter. It was the song when *spoiler alert* Luke Wilson tried to kill himself in The Royal Tenenbaums, so it should be familiar.

20. The Velvet Underground-White Light/White Heat
One of the few songs short enough to fit at the end of this CD, and the best song off of TVU's best CD (don't believe the hype...WL/WH beats TVU and Nico anyday).

So, that's it, I guess. Amazing how much better a CD is when you don't try to design it for someone else's musical tastes.

Birdman out.