5:17 PM: What's so wrong about christianity?

*WARNING* No funniness is contained within this post. It is a serious editorial on an issue that's been on my mind for quite a while. I still say it's interesting to read though, even if you just came here to laugh.

We can't mention religion in any government speeches. We can't learn about any religion in school. We can't argue religion in any court case (and have it taken seriously as an argument). We aren't leading ourselves towards religious diversity, we're leading ourselves towards the exact opposite. Instead of a society with many gods and religions, we are squashing religion everywhere we can. That isn't religious diversity, it's atheism, which is the complete opposite of what people seem to be shooting for.

Did you know that "separation of church and state" is NOT in the U.S. constitution or any other founding document (Don't believe me? Ask Ms. Cabinass)? So where did we have it drilled into our heads? Since we did freedom of speech mean freedom to say anything not religious? When did wearing a t-shirt with Jesus on it become cause to kick a kid out of school?

Somewhere along the way, this country lost sight of its real goals. We are no longer supporting a religiously diverse country, we're supporting a religiously devoid country. If you have supported the removal of religion from schools, I ask you to reconsider your opinions on the matter. We need all religions in school so that the students are informed atoub these things. By removing religion from our schools, we're treating it just like drugs and telling our children that it is wrong to believe in God. America is supposed to be a religiously diverse country, not the paranoid Orwellian mess it is now.

Now, you're probably reading this and thinking to yourself "Wow, I didn't know Matt was such a Jesus freak." Well, I'm not. In fact, I fucking hate church, and I'm pretty sure God doesn't exist, and it is my firm belief that the bible shouldn't be taken literally. I also recognize that when some religious radicals are given the chance, they can make things 1,000 times worse than they were before they stepped in (see the Alabama ten commandments statue, the south, homosexuality, etc.). However, I also know an injustice when I see it. The way our nation is opressing Christianity isn't just wrong, it's downright evil. I hate to get melodramatic, but it sometimes reminds me of Nazi Germany, pre-Holocaust. Hell, not even genocide could stop the jewish faith from spreading, so god knows that not allowing kids to pray in school isn't going to do much of anything at all to stop the rampant spread of Christianity all around us.

Why are we so afraid of Christianity? Sure, it's corny, pretty much worthless, and most likely a crock of shit, but it's so much more than just a belief to some people, especially less fortunate ones. People in horrible circumstances that aren't even given a chance to succeed in life need to believe that there is something better after our lives on this earth, even if it is just to get through another day. Life sucks, and for some people, Christianity is like dopamine...harmless, enjoyable, and a life enhancer.

What has christianity (not church or you parents, but CHRISTIANITY) ever done to you?

The door swings both ways...