6:12 PM: Because Razdow sucks teh caulk...

I have convinced rollie to switch from razdow to social retard, because razdow is no longer funny. If you would also like to freelance for my blog, IM me or talk to me at school, and I may decide that you're cool enough to be an honorary member of my socially retarded blog. Here it is, rollie's last story with razdow that was deleted from the site for no reason whatsoever by rivers (ulysses ratfuck):

I’m flirting with Amnesia
By Rollie Harris

Once upon a time, I was driving down the road. The time was 4:08. I was waiting at a red light behind a charter cable van. The van was very awkward. It only had one door at the back. Where the other door was supposed to be there was a button. The button was so interesting. It burned a circular hole in my retina. The button’s mystical hypnoticism was too much for me. Much too much. I couldn’t help lunging out of my car to depress it in all its wondrous, rubbery glory. A fish flew into the air. A flying fish. As I leaned over the rail of my Yacht I followed its path through the warm night air. I turned back to the skipper and said “Take me home, Jerry.” As the day grew long I became more and more tired. With each step I became more monotonous. The monotony was taking over. I could feel the circuits growing in my brain. One more step and I would be a robot. I had already become a cyborg. I decided not to take another step. I stood there motionless. Looking around I saw them. They were the fishmen. They were the ones to avoid. They didn’t look like traditional fishmen, but you could tell them apart because of the tuna smell. They surrounded me and started to hiss. I was tired of playing their games so I melted into the floor tiles. There is a dark house in the woods. There is a ragged man asleep on the top floor. There is a cigarette in the bottom left pocket of his daishinki. The train was going to leave the station. Without me. I chased it on an orange stallion. The horse was good and strong. I named her Patti. After about thirty miles the train gave up and pulled over. Me and Patti boarded it with the satisfaction that we had earned our ticket. I was at the museum. There was an interesting exhibit on the effects of drano when mixed with tin foil. Well, it was time to go. As I boarded the school bus I began to sweat. I had an irrational fear of them. I was so afraid that if I didn’t hold my breath the whole bus would explode. When my face turned blue I decided to breathe. The bus turned into a pile of turtle shells and liquid Tylenol capsules. That was the day I realized I was psychic. On Easter I went to go see the Easter bunny. He said hello. Then the guy inside flew out of the suit. He morphed into a vampire and took me to radio shack. He licked his lips and said “let the sucking begin!”. “Hell NO!” said a voice behind him. It was Carl, radio shack employee of the month. Needless to say, the vampire got its ass beat. Carl is my hero. After Bowden, I began to drive home. On the long road I saw a fish swimming in the gutter. I imediately pulled over. I grabbed the fish by its throat. “Step off!” it said. I lobbed the fish at a barbed wire fence. Before it collided it turned into a gelatinous matter that was just plain messy. I will never forget the many things. That is unless I die.

Sure beats the shit out of "you suck" quizzes and "herbavore" rants. more to come from rollie, and me, in the near future, i assure you.