11:17 PM: Shady dealings in the A-U-B

Man, I have no urge to write anything whatsoever for the second night in a row...i apologize. you may not get another real update until tuesday...sorry.

to make up for it, a picture that i made for lauren j. earlier this week. It's a mediocre holocaust metaphor set to the backdrop of new york city circa 8 a.m. september 11th, 2001:

so blasphemous, hateful, and morally wrong, but yet...so beautiful.

and notice the clever imagery:

the pope is standing above the carnage on his literal platform of non-involvement (in regards to the holocaust).

there's even an offensive jew joke in there! or 20! fun for everyone...

a real post tomorrow, covering everything from stoned haircuts in the kitchen to how homecoming queen was FUCKING RIGGED how much ass auburn kicked while beating arkansas to how fucked up brian mcloud's house is. i promise.