8:47 PM: Matt and Russ. Bothering People on AIM. It's like a koala bear raping a midget...you don't want to see it, but you can't look away.

My little brother, russ, and i were bored tonight, so we decided to mess with people. We decided to start with lauren jahera since we had a segway into both of us talking to her together, and she was unsuspecting. this is what happens when a comic genius and a 7th grade wigger typist/extraordinare get "2gether" to bother people

sarlik: my brother doesn't think we were twins
LAuRENj: we so were
sarlik: tell him this isn't so
LAuRENj: this isnt so
LAuRENj: we were twins
LAuRENj: i have the shirt to prove i
sarlik: he's satisfied
LAuRENj: *it
LAuRENj: good thing
sarlik: ownt.
sarlik: ok, it's his turn on the computer, but i had to prove that we were
sarlik: what is your name?
LAuRENj: lauren
sarlik: ...
LAuRENj: jahera
sarlik: he's "sure you are"
LAuRENj: ?? what?
LAuRENj: look at my screen name!
sarlik: right...
sarlik: u r such a lier!
LAuRENj: well u r 2 kewl 4 me then
LAuRENj: str8?
sarlik: lol omg!!11 u dint' g0 dey bbq
sarlik: r u a buch?/
LAuRENj: r u a fag?
LAuRENj: a queer that is?
sarlik: omgno~~1
LAuRENj: cakeboy?
sarlik: fatlesbo
LAuRENj: i'm not fat
sarlik: u r s0 fat, mat sayz
LAuRENj: well i sayz that u need grammar skills my friend
sarlik: omgshutupz!
LAuRENj: this is fun....we should talk more often
sarlik: sh*t no!!1
sarlik: t
LAuRENj: haha why not!
sarlik: cuz u r soooooooooooooooo ghey!
LAuRENj: oh man...did you have fun shopping for clothes with the fam?
sarlik: yea! i gotz some military PHatiges!
sarlik: lol!
sarlik: :-)
LAuREN87j: hahaha
sarlik: PH!
sarlik: not F!
sarlik: PH!
LAuRENj: this is so matt
LAuRENj: but this is fun anyways
sarlik: this iz not mat!!@
sarlik: mat iz tellin me wut 2 say
LAuRENj: yes this iz!
LAuRENj: whatever
LAuRENj: wutevrrr is more like it
LAuRENj: *iz
sarlik: this iz ma
sarlik: mama
LAuRENj: hahahaha ya ok
LAuRENj: i believe that one
LAuRENj: matt you are so retarded
sarlik: u r!
sarlik: dont talk bout my bro dat wai!
LAuRENj: hahahaaha
LAuRENj: matt shut up
sarlik: mat iz sew retrrrrrded (right thurrrr) dat he cheks hiz emailz evn wen it sayz dat he haz no n3w emailz
LAuRENj: hahahaahaha
LAuRENj: this is matt
sarlik: no, i swrrrr
LAuRENj: shut up
sarlik: shut upz!
sarlik: my brutha iz sew kewl thathe letz me du wud i wna
LAuRENj: omg matt you crack me ^
sarlik: omfglolroflbbqaslkthxbye
LAuRENj: bye
LAuRENj: matt
sarlik: dis iz ru$$!
LAuRENj: ok russ...its your bedtime
sarlik: not till 9, beeeyothc!
sarlik: o no u dint!
LAuRENj: o yes i did
sarlik: i stayz up till 9 dirty
sarlik: *thrrrrrrty
LAuRENj: ohh you are sooo bad
LAuRENj: ?
sarlik: u no it!111
LAuRENj: bad with the boys that is :-*
sarlik: hell yeazzz :)
LAuRENj: hahaha
LAuRENj: this is mat
LAuRENj: *matt
sarlik: omgjklolplzkthxyoudidntthisizruss
sarlik: q
sarlik: bbq
sarlik: my bro sayz he luvs u gnight y0~
sarlik: oh, wait he sayd hate!
LAuRENj: damn...i was going to have you booted off matt
sarlik: lol!!#28-)
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