9:22 PM: Why blogs suck.

By Matthew Parten.

This my friends is why most blogs die. Check out what my blog would be like if i had no creativity whatsoever (and learn about my semi-entertaining weekend at the same time!)
Let's start with thursday:

First period: Argued with Lauren J. about who had to take overdue slips that day, did homework, and didn't die.

Second Period: I pissed off a teacher off more than I ever have..ever by making a joke of Mr. Killingsworth DECA competition practices by making ridiculous claims and mocking his approach to "playing work." (think "playing school" when you were like 4, and you get the idea...stupid).

Lunch: Got to eat twice and take pictures with IB people.

Thursday night: Went to and hated the sugar ray concert, almost got into a fight over whether dixie cups are better than chinet plates, licked the floor of haley center for money, saw a man walking on stilts, got a ticket on the way home, slept.


Ate prime rib for breakfast.

Went to school. Got to skip most of 4th period with someone because we had a dumbass substitute. Ate ice cream, had fun.

Tried to sell programs at wal-mart, but ended up just looking like an idiot.

'Played Soccer' for a bit, than went latin dancing with the multicultural club, under the influence of caucasianness. Made an ass of myself. Couldn't drive home, so bugged people for like 2 hours while they drove me around. My second ride got pissed at me, because I made her drive me around for 20 minutes, then told her to drop me off literally directly across the street from where she picked me up. good times. Got back to normal, went to a college party, than realized i looked like an idiot there since i was the only high schooler there, saw a friend, listened to a shitty version of 'tweezer', then went home and typed. i suck. was called at 3 a.m. and was explained to that waffle house wasn't going to happen, since people were passed out, etc. waffle house sucks. don't ever call me again at 3 a.m. at 4 a.m. I sub-contracted Rollie out to do my bandana boy ass kicking and he got his three towed sloth to throw madison into the dumpster behind hastings. than the cops came, and after a 2 hour shootout, the beautiful (available, ladies!) sloth was found dead.

R.I.P. Sammy, 2003-2003

woke up at 7:30 a.m. after getting 4 hours of sleep, laid in bed for a good 4 hours, played some more 'soccer' and went to the game. we beat the shit out of tennessee. i was happy. had to walk almost to conoco to get to my ride's car, came home, went to bed.


memorized a sonnet for the English test...want to see?


It is important that a son should know
His role, and should be told the woman's role,
And know it is effiminate to show
Emotion, or the least lapse of control
That might mean caring for another man--
Even a father. "Never say: 'I love
You,'" I was told. If ever tears began
After an argument, he would reprove
Me mockingly: "Only fags cry." The first
Time that he said this to me, I misheard
His slangy phrase, but knew my tears were worst
Of possible betrayals. Yet that word
Stayed with me, and when my father shall die,
No man will weep, because only facts cry.

pretty good, eh? no? ok.

I went to see school of rock with some friends, it kicked major ass. If I had to compare it to a tangible object, that object would definitely be 3 CIGS. not 2, 3 mother fucker. One of the few movies i've seen that can be sentimental, funny, and inspiring at the same time without being corny. go see it today.

Went ot church, ignored church, argued with parents about having to go to church, nothing was resolved.

that was my weekend, with most interesting details left out. there you go. now aren't you happy i don't update my blog constantly with posts like this?