9:24 PM: I'm an AHS Free Press god.

As of right now (before my story gets castrated by whoever castrates all my stories in journalism), I've managed to make Japanese Study Group, something noone really cares about save 10 or so people, somewhat interesting. this makes me awesome.

check it out:

Japanese Study Group gets together, learns stuff.
Matthew Parten
Staff Writer

Japanese Study group may seem like just some wonderful, crazy dream to some, but for a precious few, it’s a wonderful Japanese reality. According to Senior Laura Johnson, the club’s president, Japanese Study Group is actually just an ambitious off-shoot of Anime Club, the group of future Otakus who get together and watch Japanese cartoons in Mrs. Laroux’s room every month. Some of the students, sick of watching the Japanese cartoons (anime) with English subtitles, decided to go vigilante and form their own, smaller club to learn Japanese, mainly so that they could watch Anime in it’s intended, original form, and still be able to fully comprehend everything that was going on.
Still, not many people know what Japanese Study group is. I asked Senior Scott Marshall what he thought JSG was, and he said “A secret cover up for the Japanese supremacy group trying to take over AHS, and then the world.” Senior Pat Lunsford is equally paranoid: “Oh, I’ve heard THINGS about that group...they get together, act 1337, and "learn" Japanese (i. e. build spaceships and produce new flavors of Jell-O, the popular gelatin snack endorsed by Bill Cosby).” These fears are completely unsubstantiated though, Sophomore Erin Blumenthal says: “We may get off topic sometimes but we also learn a lot about the unique language and culture of Japan.” “In Japanese Study Group, we partake in the wonderful world of immersing ourselves in the Japanese language, a language as unique as the culture,” agrees Senior Ian Thomas.
The boys and girls of JSG are a tight-knit bunch. If one of them is working at Wendy’s, and another member walks up to the counter, guess what? Free fries. If another is trying to explain to someone how “The Wired” in the popular anime “Lain” is really a metaphor for God, they can always count on another member to back them up with facts, references, and examples from the show proving their point right. Join today!

And i will take credit for the pat lunsford quote. he gave me permission to fabricate a quote and say he said it, so i went with it. fun stuff. i raq. lol ttyl asl bbq?!