10:08 PM: Miles is more cliche than jesus shooting heroin at a barmitzvah.

...think about it. He said he'd suck Steve Millers dick in a second if given the chance. Is this the type of guy you want to hang out with? someone who refuses to listen to any music recorded after 1975? someone who sported wood at my grandma's funeral (seriously)? someone who's hobbies include eating candy bars, refusing to exercise, and stalking adam gullatte? someone who prefers the wrinkled penis of aging rockstars to high school aged girl parts? someone who probably thought zac was the shit when he posted on his blog that he had 2 CIGS at a party? someone who can't tell the difference between corn and leather? someone who uses "fuck" more than "and?" someone who thinks trent kinnucan's forced randomness is hilarious? someone who likes to eat...alot? someone that after 2 hits, claims that he "feels like i'm floating on air?" someone who lost to Ian? oh wait...

you can decide for yourselves i guess, but to help you reach a conclusion, i will once again reference steve miller:

I'm willing to bet that miles would even swallow, if miller sang "Fly Like an Eagle" for him afterwards.

what a douche..