6:56 PM: AIM experiments, part 1.

I sent this message to everyone who was on AIM right now:

Pop a wheelie! It's *your name*!

for example: Pop a wheelie! It's Matthew Parten!

and tried to go psychic on their asses and tell them what their personalities are really like from their 1-5 word response.

this is how you responded:

Steak Mantis: I gotta go eat din din
Steak Mantis: I'll be back later

Rivers is a real "go getter." If he sees something he wants in life, he reaches out and grabs it by the horns, slaughters it, and eats it. He's also hungry.

beckymac77: yes it is

Becky is boring. You can come up with a better response than that to my inane randomness. You will marry a rich guy, and be very happy, but something will always be missing...her husband.

maryclark 007: huh?
maryclark 007: nevermind i gotta get started on homework!
maryclark 007: have a lovely night!

Mary is oblivious. You could probably tell her that your brain is having a heart-attack, and she'd believe you. Don't make any sudden movements around this type.

LAuREN87j: yup
LAuREN87j: its me

Lauren is boring as well, she'll also probably die before she's 20. Because she sucks.

Caroline737: !!!
Caroline737: i turn 17 on thursday

Caroline obviously rocks. And has a birthday on the 25th. Buy her shit.

AU LifeGuard: ....

Scott can't think of anything clever to say, so tries to act "so above it." He's going to marry a latina chick and have 3 kids. But no dog.

Naterhead04 signed off at 06:40:35 PM

Nathan takes the high road. He'll probably be rich and famous in life, but I will always hate him, because, of course, I will be jealous. And he completely fucked up my experiment. I will marry his sister. She's really really hot..

reminGtonjbear: *Kimmescam

Trent is going to die alone. At the age of 47.

ringorama2435: heh.

Rollie is going to be busted for pot possession at the age of 23, and sent to prison, to comply with affirmative action laws. He will be brutally raped and murdered on his third day there.

wherestompenny: yes sir

Richard is a closet homosexual with an S & M/leather fetish.

chandlarian: yeah!

Chandler is going to be awesome when he grows up. He will invent a minivan made of chocolate and filled with vaginas that grant wishes. Then somehow make himself immortal, by digging up Dave Matthew's body and propositioning it, then putting it back, unharmed.