11:18 PM: A horrible review of a great CD:

Outkast Speakerboxx/The Love Below

It's good. Really good.

Andre's CD is better than Big Boi's.

Best 3 songs: Hey ya, Vibrate, Happy Valentine's Day.

"Should I buy it?" Yes.

"Even if I don't like rap?" Yes.

"What if I hate black people?" Pretend Andre's white, and throw away Speakerboxx (Big Boi's CD).

"Where can I find it?" In Auburn...nowhere. DL it off Kazaa (lite), it worked fine for me.

Best References: Santa Claus, The Sound of Music, and George Dub Jr.

"Is the first single the best song?" For once, yes. Hey-ya is CRAZY. and really really good. big boi's single is...meh.

Outkast isn't rap, Outkast is Outkast. Remember that, and buy it today. Two CD's for the price of one is a great deal, especially when the quality of both disks are so high.

Plus, anything Andre 3000 touches is gold.

Buy it today. Or tomorrow.