9:29 PM: Jesus never pimped it like this..

I hate writing this blog like an actual blog, but today just screamed to be written about.

A summation of my day:

8:30 AM: Lauren arrives at school, making my day a little bit better, since being media aide alone means i'm stuck behind the media center desk and talking to mrs. teiner for 96 minutes. She's her normal blackmailing self today, much to my dismay. I hope Conner III has a bad acid trip at his next show and dies lol jk! omgwtflolbbq!!!1one12!

10:30 AM: In journalism, the flock shows their brilliant top 10 ideas to Mr. Penissi, only to have them shot down immediately. Who says Hitler's Bar Mitzvah, Cancer On Your Birthday, and Saddles For Cripples are offensive band names? they look pretty PG to me...it's the man, always trying to keep the flock down.

11:20 AM: After 10 seconds or so of deep thought, I decide to sit at the jam band enthusiast table (wick and sean) instead of the sexually frustrated AP/IB nerd table (i.e. 16 juniors trying to fit into a 12 seat table). fighting for a seat is no fun.

12-1:30: I take and own a math test in the face. I had that bitch saying my name...oh yes, algebra III is MUCH easier the second time..

2 PM: In the middle of one of Narvie's wonderful speeches about how a current event we are discussing (in debate) relates to her and her friends/boyfriend and the time they partied all night long (i've heard this story 50 times already narvie...jesus christ), i had to interrupt her and explain to her mid-speech that no one gives a shit how affirmative action relates to her neighbor told her mom that she had a party at her house when she was out of town. she of course took a cheap shot at me involving a female, and that was that. bah.

3:30 PM: I got on the computer, and found this link:

it's a whole essay about how Michael Moore fabricated over half of Bowling for Columbine. He has physical, documented evidence to back everything up, facts, news stories, everything. He completely demolishes Bowling For Columbine, Michael Moore, and The Academy.

It also makes me feel really really dumb for renting, loving, buying, and pressing others to watch the movie. Renee, if you're reading this, don't watch it. Just give it back, it's blatant left wing propaganda.

Read the whole article, it's a great read, and quite thought provoking.

5:30 PM: I went to workout, and nothing interesting happened. Working out is boring.

6:30 PM: I went to K-Mart to try to buy Speakerboxx/The Love Below (I usually HATE rap, but outkast is a notable exception. plus, two cd's for the price of one is an awesome deal), but unfortunately they were out. This is when the highlight of my day happened: On my way to my car (I parked next to the garden center, thinking i could go through there, straight to the electronics, but it was locked). While walking back, I notice two stupid rednecks with bleached hair leave the garden center, drop something off by the door, and walk suspiciously to the car. I act all nonchalant, but I got their liscence plate number, and as soon as they left the parking lot, i got the manager of k-mart, and told her that some suspicious activity had gone down at the garden center. We investigated like CPO's, except with some authority, and found 2 high-end paintball guns, 2 masks, and 2 boxes of paintballs hidden in the bushes. Needless to say, I saved the K-mart corporation from a $300 or so loss, and was thanked endlessly, and even go to shake the manager's hand...what an honor. I fucking rule.

7: Government Club. I make two brilliant observations, but less than half the people in the classroom laugh, making me assume that I'm just too damn intelligent for most high school aged kids...or maybe i'm just not funny. either way, everyone else sucks.

also, throughout the bill about the thongs being worn by teachers thing, i couldn't help but focus on the fact that mrs. buntin is REALLY REALLY hot for her age. I hope my wife looks like that when she's 50. Mrs. Buntin may be the perfect woman: she's intelligent, attractive, is old enough to be retired, but young enough to still be hot, and I assume she makes awesome cookies. Take me now, jane...

9: mary clark brings to my attention that since she is my homecoming date, she deserves some recognition on my blog for being awesome. she will get said recognition at a later date, because i'm sick of typing. /end entry