3:27 PM: Is it getting better, or do you feel the same?

My 3rd public attempt at a mix cd (thank you, Chandler White, for introducing me/getting me hooked on a lot of these bands):

1. Johnny Cash-One (U2 Cover)

Forget Hurt. This is the best. Johnny Cash. cover. ever.

2. Andre 3000-Hey Ya

This song is brilliant. It's not hip hop, it's not pop, it's not anything that can be classified. What it is is damn catchy.

3. Ben Lee-No Room To Bleed

Good, mellow Ben Lee song, first single from his newest album.

4. The Flaming Lips-Christmas At The Zoo

It doesn't have to be December for you to enjoy this song...good tune to introduce you to old school Flaming Lips.

5. Ben Kweller-In Other Words

One of my favorite ben kweller songs. Sure, it's a little overlong, but it's solid throughout, and I love how it's rhythm changes halfway through.

6. Black Eyed Peas-Where Is The Love?

Yes, I love this song...so are we going to fight or what?

7. The Shins-When You Notice The Stripes

Good background music. I'm not a huge fan of the shins, but I'm definitely a fan of this song, off their only really good cd, "Oh, Inverted World."

8. Ben Lee-Love Song

A 30 second love song. Too short to hate.

9. Radiohead-Idioteque

Best song by far off of Kid A, a popular choice for best radiohead album ever. You either get this song, or you don't.

10. Bob Marley-Stir It Up

Sure, it's overplayed, but Bob Marley's first big breakthrough hit is still his best song, in my eyes.

11. The Flaming Lips-Bad Days

The one Flaming Lips song you've definitely heard, along with She Don't Use Jelly. It was on the Batman Forever soundtrack...the only good thing about that movie.

12. Jeff Buckley-Last Goodbye (acoustic)

I'm now a fan of Jeff Buckley, despite only having heard maybe 15 of his songs. I think this version of Last Goodbye might actually be superior than the regular studio version.

13. Aimee Mann-Humpty Dumpty

Aimee Mann's best pre-Magnolia song. Still one of my favorites.

14. The Smiths-Stop Me If You Think You've Heard This One Before

A weird, unique song. It sounds familiar, yet unlike any other song you've ever heard at the same time.

15. Jeff Buckley-Grace

Jeff Buckley's other essential song. This will be on many more mix cd's in the next couple of months...GREAT song.

16. Spoon-The Way We Get By

Nice reggae/blues type song. Sickeningly Catchy.

17. U2-The Sweetest Thing

This was the big hit song by U2 when I first started getting hooked on them. It holds some sentimental value for me...

18. Modest Mouse-Karma's Pavement

Another short, weird, fun song. Give it a listen.

19. The Roots-The Seed (2.0)

Every Roots CD needs one universally accessible song. This is Phrenology's.

20. Johnny Cash-Desperado (Eagles Cover)

Decided to begin and end with a Cash song, in honor of the Man in Black's legacy...R.I.P.

There you have it. I added some more obscure stuff, have some (quality) mainstream fare on the cd, and a little more hip-hop than usual. Yep, I think I'm going to like this one. If you want a copy, just get in touch with me at some time, at school or home, and I'll give you one for $1, unless you're female. If you're female, it's obviously free.