9:32 PM: Happy Birthday, loser.

Today was a special day. Not only was it Wednesday, White day, and only 3 days away from Yom Kippur (FINALLY!), but it's also the 18th birthday of my good friend Jay Stewart:

What a special time in Jay's life: He's now old enough to buy porn, buy cigarettes in Georgia, go to strip clubs, commit statutory rape, and be sent off to die for our oil. And he can waste his vote by voting Independent.

And Whitney...I hope you didn't do anything you didn't want to tonite! Jay's a very nice young man, and it his birthday, but all men are dogs, remember that. Just because it's his birthday doesn't mean you have to give him everything he wants. Or even some of what he wants. Your desires for each other can come to fruition at a later time. Even if it might feel good for a few minutes, it hurts Jesus. Each thrust is like another twist of the knife. Just kidding, you guys...or...am i?

I gave anti-flag a chance, but they really suck:

I gave them a chance by downloading most of the new album turncoat, and all of die for the government, but most of their songs just sound the same: really fast guitar riffs drowned out by the lead singer's screamo vocals. I like and support some of the ideas they touch upon in their music, but the music itself just isn't up to snuff. And is it just me, or does the lead singer sound like chris carabba?

...and renee, I hope you get well soon. the flu's a bitch, but you'll get through it, soon enough.

Maybe this will help:

man, i bet that would help a lot more if it were real...good god, i'm fucking stupid.