7:59 PM: ...So I just bought Kidz Bop 4

Holy shit, this album rocks.

Imagine annoyingly cute kids singing the most hated pop/mallcore songs of the year, and you'll get the main idea.

From the punk rock guitar strains of "sk8er boi" to the ghetto-fabulous "move it like this," this album never fails to please.

A particular high point: Hearing 50 or so 8-10 year old kids singing "save me from the nothing i've become!" on "bring me to life" without having any idea what they are singing.

I can't wait for kidz bop gangstrrrrr rap...

Moving on.
Scay Gorely...what the hell happened?

I, along with many others, enjoyed Richard's blog. While updates came few and far between near the end of his run, they were always hilarious and worth waiting for. First Stubbz, now this, what's going on? What's next...Asians Anonymous? oh yeah...

I feel so alone. It's down to me, a shitty "the onion" clone, and rapping sexually frustrated ib nerds now...

Someone make their own blog, stat.

One more thing...I heard Oprah say "Book em Dan-O!" on Oprah today...seriously. I was freaking out, then crying, then bored.