5:44 PM: birdman is hovering outside your window, hur...too late.

Rivers isn't funny. And Indian Dancing is the shit. Get your own damn culture, this one is my new adopted culture. And everyone knows that I invented complaining, so you are yet again copying me. And I copied Razdow's idea in 2 posts, after saying that I was going to copy their kombat...which they seem to have given up on after 5-6 matches. I have given up too...I made my last one, what, a week and a half ago? 2 weeks?

What am I sick and tired of, you ask? Fucking coppers. They just suck...and Sugar Ray. They might be even worse than cops.

And I fucking hate flossing. And I hate sophomores. And I hate fat people.

But I love lesbians. And skipping half of fourth period because of dumbass substitutes. And low stakes gambling. And Saturday wake and bakes. And Friday Nights, which is why I am about to stop typing. Updating this really sucks on Friday, and I'm sure it sucks even more to read it when I don't feel like writing it.

Oh well...time to go find something to do...