8:29 PM: Why you shouldn't smoke pot.

*Matthew gets serious, for once*

I was deleting old e-mail messages in my inbox today, when I came across an e-mail from this summer from one Ms. Renee Frojo. She asked me what my opinion on religion/life after death/reincarnation and all that crap was, and I didn't really have an answer at the time. Well, I thought about it, and this is what I came up with, in math:

In this writing I will attempt to explain what I perceive to be the end, and rebirth of our lives. You have all heard about the phenomenon that occours when the human mind is at the brink of death, it starts to remember things. This so-called "flashing before the eyes" phenomenon is the major support for my argument, but first I'll try to explain where my argument originated.
A short while ago, I don't remember the exact circumstances, I was thinking about why we have to die. Logically, I said to myself, that it is because the world would be overpopulated, and it is probably for the better. I also concluded that life would not be worth living if we didn't have to die, but I am still against it and will go kicking and screaming into death when that day finally arrives. Since this discovery, I had often wondered what it was like to die, what did it feel like? Was it painful or soothing? Was it a slow process or very abrupt? In all cases, it would probably be sad, or introspective. This is where my idea comes in to play. If one were dying, their life would apparently flash before their eyes, but what if that flash lasts forever, until the point where they were dying once more? Wouldn't one's life be cyclic? You would have no new insights into your life, because in another time you'd already be dead, but since you're technically alive right now, you are really just a memory. Does this theory coincide with the idea of Fate? The idea that everything that happens, is going to happen. Does it work with Deja vu? When we feel like we've been there before, we actually have, and will be again. Does it coincide with true love? The people who fall in love, and seem to have been in love forever, actually have, and will be. This is just an idea, but I will elaborate more eventually.

There is absolutely no way I can prove this arguement, but there is no way to destroy it either, only time will tell.

also, this lyric from a bright eyes song got me thinking: "everything you've ever seen is just a mirror."