7:08 PM: What I love about girls.

They smell funny, like apples and lavender

They're all soft and warm and hold your hand when you are feeling sad. Then they scream at you for forgetting to return their pencil you borrowed to them by the end of the day.

The sound that the back of my hand makes when it slaps a womans face for not making dinner.

How they love 50 cent, staind, and linkin park, but HATE "that old crap" like the beatles, the rolling stones, and bob dylan.

The fact that they'll never be able to piss their name on a wall, therefore letting me impress them endlessly with my uncanny ability to write on public property with urine.

Finding a girl that isn't offended (and actually "gets" it) when I make her a picture of the holocaust set to the backdrop of New York City circa September 11th, 2001 (with the pope and bob sagat, not to mention john ritter's remains jumping from the world trade center towers, a.k.a. warsaw and auswich).

The fact that I could find a girl (an attractive and more-than mentally competent one, at that) to go to homecoming with me.

If I have sex with a girl, I don't have to put it in her poop-shoot. I have the option to though, and I like that kind of power.

They're about the only people that find me funny, save males...