8:50 PM: I blew my load all over my baby pictures.

Howard Dean is a good guy. He's also an idiot. Just because he's not George Dubya doesn't make him a viable candidate for president...think, people...

In other news, after looking up conjunctivitis on the internet (i was worried about someone who told me they had it), I found out it was nothing more than pinkeye. Wow. That's up there with gingivitis for basically harmless illnesses/diseases with terrifying names.

After thinking for about an hour, I answered the question someone proposed to me during 3rd period today: If you could kill one person, and get away with it, who would it be?

The guy who played re-run from all in the family. That guy has no purpose in life but to make people sad and yell "hey HEY hey!" ...even i can do that, dumbass.

I checked again today, and razdow still isn't funny. I'll check again tomorrow.

Forks are essentially useless when you're not eating. Where's the flexibility? Yet another reason to hate the french (they invented the fork).

Now a spork...you can fuck someone up with a spork. Why does the cafeteria no longer supply them? Exactly.

Easter is right around the corner...what are you thankful for? Santa Claus? Your life sucks. You don't even have anyone to celebrate Thankseastmas with. Loser.

Stereotypical black men are possibly the funniest ethnic group in the nation. That guy's preaching in sharecroppers clothes and is bootlegging his own sermon (notice the tape recorder. He even has the crackhead eyes/head-cock.

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