9:25 PM: oh fo, we suck so...

i can't believe how stereotypical our class is.

i had an idea that our class was possibly the worse to come out of ahs in the last decade, and today just confirmed it. i hate my class.

Today, we had "senior fun day" because the other students were taking the psat, and boy oh boy, did we have "fun."

first of all, all 300 of us were stuck in the gym for 2 1/2 hours while jeff parker's dad went on and on about useless bullshit that we should buy in order to have "the perfect graduation night." somehow, i don't think that having an '04 coffee mug and seniors 2004 pajama bottoms are going to affect your graduation night much either way. you'll just be poorer. and an idiot.

THEN, we went to duck samford stadium to take pictures. some kids thought it'd be cool to smoke on the way there, so they did. goddamn. did i mention i hate my class? when there, the same group thought it'd be EVEN COOLER to dip on the football field (chewing tobacco), and smoke, and shoot birds at the camera when the pictures were taken. they were mistaken. i hate my class.

i hate my class. on the way back, daniel phillibaum smoked a cigarette, pulled his dick out, AND mooned everyone on the bus...in the time it takes you to get from duck samford stadium to ahs. i hate my class. i really, really do.

once back, school sucked, but was shortened. i hate my class.

i then took honore to vision world after school, fretted over a minor thing i said to a girl at school for about 2 hours, then ate dinner.

i picked up caroline and trent for government club, which was reasonably fun. i was a patron (the person that leads the debate), i pwnt miles (as always), and i had fun.

trent and caroline pretty much dry humped all the way to trent's house, and then caroline had to go to my house to get a game. on the way back, we got lost in grove hill, and hit a puppy. a fucking puppy. it died. thankfully. i fucking hate puppies. and my class.

now i'm typing this blog entry, because i have nothing better to do. sorry it sucks...