8:20 PM:
turn the tape off

click here to download the Radiohead Bonnaroo show in mp3 form

01. There There 05:52.49
02. 2+2=5 03:30.11
03. 15 Step 04:49.20
04. Arpeggi 04:25.62
05. Exit Music (For A Film) 04:45.53
06. Kid A 03:47.03
07. Dollars & Cents 05:16.32
08. Videotape 04:58.41
09. No Surprises 04:17.48
10. Paranoid Android 06:16.29
11. The Gloaming 03:42.54
12. National Anthem 04:49.17
13. Climbing Up The Walls 04:34.32
14. Nude 04:54.05
15. Street Spirit (Fade Out) 04:49.01
16. The Bends 04:25.40


01. Myxomatosis 05:06.34
02. How To Disappear Completely 06:24.48
03. encore 1 04:59.06
04. E1: You And Whose Army? 03:35.03
05. Pyramid Song 04:48.19
06. Like Spinning Plates 03:24.29
07. Fake Plastic Trees 05:18.46
08. Bodysnatchers 05:31.39
09. Lucky 03:57.27
10. Idioteque 05:05.13
11. Karma Police 04:49.09
12. encore 2 02:25.00
13. E2: House Of Cards 06:08.59
14. Everything In Its Right Place 08:30.4

After hearing it a second time, I can say definitively that this was the best show I've ever attended. Twas a religious experience.

My Morning Jacket's amazing late night set from Bonnaroo can be downloaded here (in mp3 form as well)

Wordless Chorus
It Beats 4 U*
What A Wonderful Man
One Big Holiday
Older Guys#->
Head Held High@
The Way That He Sings
At Dawn
Xmas Curtain
A Quick One$**
Loving Cup%**
Off The Record
Lay Low
The Dark
The Bear*
I Will Sing You Songs
Heartbreakin' Man
Evelyn Is Not Real**
It's About Twilight Now
It Makes No Difference
Run Thru

*With Andrew Bird
**KC Guetig on Percussion, Mike on guitar
#Flying Burrito Bros.
@Velvet Underground
$The Who, first time played
%Rolling Stones, first time played
^Misfits cover, first time played

My Morning Jacket rocked out every note of every song, I was blown away even as I fought off thirst and exhaustion for most of the show. They sounded like they had something to prove, which was unnecessary, but good for you and me. Their cover of 'Head Up High' at the beginning of the set and Dondante at the end of the first set were my favorites of the night. The whole show is amazing, though.