12:43 PM:
Taking Sidez

Ice Cube: '[This bitch] Oprah Has a Problem with Hip-Hop'

WTF is wrong with thes stupid rappers, dont they know theymake blacks lok stupid withtheir sefish ignorance. So Oprah dont like rap, good for her, she is a well respected person who actually has and education unlike this community college GED rapper(s), who only know mathematics from selling drugs or watching scarface or something. oprah means more to me than luda, ice cube and fiddy, who are selfish because oprah wont let their drug slanging glorification ass on her respectable show. that show is 4 the best of the black community, i like rap, but dont start beeing big babies cause a high class person dusn't want thet ghetto mentality on her show. good for oprah, i know there are some rap sympathisers out there who think rappers cant do no wrong, but these selfish cry babies are out of order and should leave oprah alone, she already hated by TK 'nine-to-5' type people becaue she is a bit eccentric and likes to say she has money, so what, she gives away over half her earnings and that is commendable, she has put intelligent blacks that went to school thru college and made them doctors, lawyers which is a nice change from tapdancen, basketball or being a ignant ass rapper. she went on ed lover to even pay homage torappers ,she is offering an olive branch that these selfish, willfully bad gramma speaking, retarded ass dressing people do. go oprah, i love you, from a young whte man. we need to stop mollycuddle these rapers.