6:23 PM:
Ghostface Killah interview

Earlier this morning, I followed a link from Largehearted Boy to a Ghostface Killah interview for the Onion A.V. Club. While I was reading it, I started to notice how silly and awkward most of the questions seemed to be for a hip hop interview, and how tossed off Ghost's responses were. The complete lack of chemistry between the interviewer and Ghostface leads to some hilarious exchanges:

AVC: What do you listen to?

GK: I listen to shit. I listen to old music, man.

AVC: Like soul music?

GK: Yeah, soul music.

AVC: Who are some of your favorite soul artists?

GK: [No answer.]

AVC: What was your life like before Wu-Tang Clan?

GK: I don't know. I was just like any other street nigga. I was robbing niggas, knocking niggas out, shooting niggas. That's how it was before Wu-Tang Clan. I'll do it again if I got to.

AVC: The Pretty Toney Album was credited to Ghostface, and Fishscale is credited to Ghostface Killah. What's the difference?

GK: It don't even matter. It's just names. People always get it twisted, you know, "Is this the Ghostface Killah?" Man, it's whatever-whatever, you can name me Shithead if you want. I don't give a fuck about all that. It's real, man. A name is a name, and I make music. My niggas know my voice even without the name. That's what it is.

AVC: Do you think that's changing? Is there anyone coming along right now that you're excited about?

GK: No, fuck hip-hop. I ain't feeling that shit right now. I don't even listen to hip-hop. I just do this shit because I gotta feed my family.

I love how the #1 rap album of the year was made by an artist who claims to despise the genre.