2:27 PM:
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how about those mexicans you would not know mexicans existed in america if you just stay at home and watch TV, but mexicnas are what, 20% ofthe population?

I respect them, mostly because your average latina female is fine as a mother/fucker, GOD d man,i like hot mami's up in thismother. seriouly, lets be real, america is mexican and native american owned land, tell the real white people,. you really have no business here.

to be honest, we need to do like idi amin ( not a nice person ) and bounce you settlers ass out of here back to the greenland or wherever.

leave thisl and to the mexicans and blacks and even the asians also cause like jin say they built the rail roads. this shit south of ohio is all mexican to me, ask ice cube. i respect the turnout mexicans running shit in LA no one fucking with those gangs lets overturn this racist law that bush or whoever want to pass i'm sick offall the race baiting on FOx talking about terrorists from mexico or whatever

mexicans are my favorite race right now.