4:23 PM:
These thoughtz run DEEP

My life is a papercut of sorrow wrapped in a guaze of pain
In my world there is no sun, only sleet and rain

My life is like when you order a pizza with half pepperoni and half sausage and you get all sausage
My eternal pain causes shame and tears that hold my eyes hostage

If it was my birthday i would send out party invitations but nobody would come
The pain in my head feels like a Parkinson's victim playing a snare drum

The only way i can release any pain is to take the knife and make a cut
when i told my dad that, he told me football was on and to keep my fucking mouth shut

In the last ten years ive smiled only once, it was an accident i swear
I have no friend unless you count solitare

The world is dark, like a closet with the door shut and the lights switch turned on but the bulb runs on sorrow
My soul has been auburned there's no point in thinking about tomorrow

Jer love was like an iceberg my heart became the titanic as it sank
My love for her was a sweaty pirate, twisting the knife in my back as i walked the plank

My love for her is WAS like a ninja sneaking behind me and throwing shurikens of loneliness at what's left of my heart
If i were a product you would find me in the self-loathing and sorrow aisle of your local walmart