1:11 PM:
Brokeback Mountain impressions

It doesn't mean anything, but I went to Brokeback Mountain yesterday with my cousin, my friend and my cousin's friend (just to make sure no one got the wrong idea, I didnt go with any dudes whatsoever). When we were paying for the tickets I wasn't near them at all...I dont want people to overhear them say "Brokeback Mountain" and see me standing with them. I made sure no one saw me go in the theater cause people just start jumping to conclusions cause society is so intolerant these days! and to be honest I didnt even want to watch the movie, I just wasn't staying at home since everyone was gone (I didnt want to kick it by myself all day). Anyway, at the counter people were staring at me and making me uncomfortable. I could feel all these eyes on me, I do not know why people won't mind their own business.

The film itself was just absolutely gay. I wasnt feeling it at all, seriously, I'm not fucking with cowboy and indian games anymore, this shit has revealed a lot about these "men's" men. Now we know what they're up to all day when they aren't milking sheep. I'm sick of all these "hard" men being revealed as gay, why is this happening? Army dudes are gay, Kray twins are gay, Huey Newton possibly gay, why are people exposing this shit.

I dont recommend this film, it's just the same two guys holding hands and rolling in hay together for two hours and the more I think about it Brokeback is just gay gay gay. I'm rooting for Terrence Howard at the Oscars. The girls loved this shit, but I dont know...girls just really love gay guys because they can advise them like an oracle (they know fashion and cooking/how to cook) I think. They were crying when those gay dudes died...me, I was ready to bounce out of this long ass film (WTF) as quickly as possible without any people seeing me.

I am happy I survived a gay encounter (not everyone does) but girls are still running this shit in 2006 imho.

Some intensely hetero songs since this post is probably the gayest thing I've ever been involved in:

Inspectah Deck - Make a Move
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Mysteries
Orange Juice - Falling and Laughing (well..)
some other song about watching football (w/ your girl) or something