6:40 PM:
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The Fiery Furnaces - Bitter Tea

(link works now)

Downloaded this at 4 in the morning last night, and listened to it on my iPod before I fell asleep. Some disorganized first impressions:

Listening to Bitter tea a second time, I'm a little underwhelmed..they're getting more and more careless about how they segway into their constant musical shifts and how they effect each song. The first track, "In My Little Thach Hut," switches entire instrumentation pieces without warning two minutes in, then goes right into Matt's vocals played backwards, and then trails off into these synthesized beeps. This kind of thing continues to happen throughout the album, on nearly every song. Still, a lot of the melodies are incredible, makes you wish they'd stick with some of them for more than 40 seconds. The last track, still untitled, sounds right off of EP, my favorite so far.

Matt sings a lot more on this album than he did on the first two, definitely a good sign. Benton Harper Blues is MUSIC TO CHILL TO.

I do like all the backwards, satanic vocals and bizarre synthesized noises throughout, and it's not nearly as overwhelming as Blueberry Boat or as hectic as Rehearsing My Choir. Then again, it's not nearly as catchy as EP, either.

7/10 for now, expecting it to grow on me over the next few weeks. Possibly better than BB.