5:43 PM: Step into a World

For my next poem, I will speak my feelings, that I feel...about, my life.

Emo/indie girls, ha. Goodbye.

Also, this handicapped guy is really making lemonade out of his lemon legs:

Devon, pictured above with Dr. Dre, is the spokesperson for Life Rolls On, a hip! charity organization set-up to assist young adults who have sustained spinal cord injuries. That isn't funny, I am glad the organization exists, it is probably doing great things for people with spinal cord injuries, but...this guy Devon is a celebrity photo whore. Everyone from Carrot Top to Xzibit has posed with Devon, propping up his severed ego to the point where he's starting to look pretty smug these days:

(Carrot Top! THE Carrot Top!)

All the others are here

What Super Men. What Super, brave Men!