4:04 PM:
livin life in the carpool lane

you know that white girl who did a summer affair with me, well, she let me go in nio uncertain terms. i am heartbroken, wtf should i do. i men, on the reel, this was a YEAR AGO. btu this was my first time getting dumped and it is a motherfucker. i dont know what i did wrong. i think she used me to boast to her friends about how she is a playa. what should i do i cant believe i betrayed supportive ethnic girls for this woman. i was ready to marry her even after only 1 session. then she started saying she was busy all the time, and after watching Cheaters i knwe this was a bad sign. how do i get over this shit. i want white girs i've caught the bug i think they are really the promised land of women, mind you, not trailer trash versions, but educated ones with money, u know, high class. i am serios you think this is a joke i dont know how to pour out my feelings like some men on blogsdo but i am distraught. i feel like a peace of meat that a dog has just swallowed. i will never dump a girl so noncholant again i think i will commit suicide what should i do