5:05 PM: Day Ten: M.I.A. - Arular

So here it is - the most hyped release of the year. Think of an ILM approved Sri Lankan J-Lo with brains, and on a political bent. The album's not earth shattering, but definitely worth a listen, especially "Sunshowers" and "Bucky Done Gone."

M.I.A. has recently signed to Interscope records, and will hopefully have a lot of success here in America. But don't count on it.

Download Arular:

01 Ba-na-na Skit
02 Pull Up The People
03 Bucky Done Gone
04 Fire, Fire
05 Freedom Skit
06 Amazon
07 Bingo
08 Hombre
09 One For The Head Skit
10 10 Dollar
11 Sunshowers
12 Galang
13 M.I.A

For more info on M.I.A., check Lots of Co. on a regular basis. Mr. Jones lives for artists like these, and has already devoted several posts to the album on his blog.