1:18 AM: Day Seven: The Doves - Some Cities

All of the credit for sharing this album goes to Chandler, who sent it to me back when it was originally leaked.

Nothing too surprising here - the band seems to have given up on making their Ok Computer - but the Doves still do atmospheric pop better than anyone on either side of the ocean, and continue to deliver the goods here. "Black and White Town" has been a pretty big hit for the band in the UK, and the rest of the album is nearly as accessible. If you haven't liked anything else I've posted this week, it's still worth your time to download at least Black and White Town...a little Brit-Pop never hurt anyone.

1. Some Cities
2. Black & White Town
3. Almost Forgot Myself
4. Snowden
5. Storm
6. Walk in Fire
7. One of These Days
8. Someday Soon
9. Shadows of Salford
10. Sky Starts Falling
11. Ambition