5:08 PM: Day Four: Beck - Guero (final retail version)

Finally, after several false alarms, the final version of Guero has leaked. There's still some speculation over whether this is the final version or not, but all signs - CD quality sound, several significant changes made since the last version was leaked, the tracklist matching the official one Beck put up on his site a few weeks ago, and no message from Beck stating that it's not the final version - point to this being the real deal.

As for the album itself, it's one of Beck's most consistent to date. Instead of Trying to reinvent himself again, Beck has made his Lodger, returning to his Mellow Gold/Odelay roots while continuing to explore new territory. This may go down as Beck's best release since Odelay...it's that good.

But don't take my word for it, download and listen to Guero for yourself:

01. E-Pro
02. Qué Onda Guero
03. Girl
04. Missing
05. Black Tambourine
06. Earthquake Weather
07. Hell Yes
08. Broken Drum
09. Scarecrow
10. Go It Alone
11. Farewell Ride
12. Rental Car
13. Emergency Exit