6:05 PM: Day Five: The Books - Lost and Safe

Today's featured album is Lost and Safe, the third release from indie experimental weirdos the Books. On Lost and Safe, the band again mixes sound collages, spare instrumentation, and their own understated vocals to create a subtle, thought provoking piece of art that expands the boundaries of music sampling, challenging our accepted notion of music while still remaining accessible, a combination that many bands have spent their entire careers attempting to create.

Download Lost and Safe and give your opinion in the comments section:

01 A Little Longing Goes Away
02 Be Good to Them Always
03 Vogt Dig For Kloppervok
04 Smells Like Content
05 It Never Changes to Stop
06 An Animated Description Of Mr Maps
07 Venice
08 None But Shining Hours
09 If Not Now, Whenever
10 An Owl With Knees
11 Twelve Fold Chain