3:14 PM: Day Eight: Iron and Wine - Woman King EP

This EP has already been released, but good luck finding it anywhere. Sam Beam has come into his own on this release, stepping away from his usual hushed acoustic recordings to create a more full sound, without sacrificing any of the emotional honesty that helped him gain such a rabid, albeit small, following. See, Sam? the studio isn't so bad after all.

According to Metacritic, this is the second highest rated release of the year, with an average rating of 8.7.

Download the Woman King EP here:

1. Woman King
2. Jezebel
3. Grey Stables
4. Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
5. In My Lady's House
6. Evening on the Ground (Lilith's Song)

***I uploaded these songs two days ago, and didn't have time to post them until now, so the links are going to last four or five more days. Get it while you can.