10:42 AM: New York Pedophilin'

After reading Film Freak Central's review of New York Minute, I am even more convinced that it will become a cult classic. From what it sounds like, it's a pedophile/racist's dream:

"Consider that this film for children traffics in sex, intolerance, and broad stereotypes--that even if you're pathologically incapable of detecting dangerous messages in your child's entertainments, New York Minute is horribly directed, edited, and performed. Consider that if you support noxious garbage like this, you suddenly lose a lot of credibility the next time you complain about the decline of western civilization."

I'm thinking this movie is going to lead to even more lurid and blatantly sexual movies in the future for the Olsen twins. Everyone already knows they have little to no talent, and their ability to act peaked when they were 5, so the next step looks to be a Playboy/Maxim spread followed by an R-rated 'American Pie' style sex comedy. I'll admit it...I can't wait.