8:41 PM: Prom 2004: Quarantined in paradise.

So, Prom 2004 has come and gone, and I have to say, it was pretty darn fun. I wasn't planning on going, but I realize now that not going would have been a huge mistake.

My night started off simply enough, by meeting Rollie and his date Leslie, Rivers, Viviana, Trent, and Conor at my new place of employment, Brick Oven Pizza Company, for a pre-prom dinner. Unfortunately for Rollie and Leslie, who were in full prom attire, noone else thought it'd be a smart move to wear their tuxes to BOPCO. They were good sports though, and an hour later, we were full of delicious pizza, and I was sick of hearing Trent, Rivers, Conor, and Rollie talk about how funny Killjoy 2 is.

After dinner, we headed for prom. I wasn't sure what to expect from prom, and wasn't expecting much, since this year prom took place in the AHS gym, so I wasn't dissappointed when the decorations looked kind of stupid. No offense to anyone who worked hard on making prom look fabulous, but I really wasn't enjoying the 'quarantined in the magic kingdom' set-up.

The dance was absolutely horrible for a good hour or so, until the rest of the normal Birdman crew showed up. After they arrived, with better ideas on how to act like an idiot at prom, the dance picked up considerably. We enjoyed the sounds of DJ Ozz for a good half hour, soaking in the repeated stylings of J-Kwon, Lil Jon, Usher, The Ying Yang Twins, and all the other current rap songs in the running for stupidest bullshit ever, and kind of sat in the back watching everyone else until THE BEST BAND EVER came on.

The live band playing prom consisted of a jew, and three really generic looking white kids. The jew was the lead singer (of course), and seemed to think that 'Live' is still the most popular band in the world. He played every cliche mid-90's alt rock hit you can think of, the ruff ryders theme, sweet home alabama, freebird, and 10 minute renditions of Bush's breakthrough hit, 'Machinehead,' and 'Purple Haze.' I couldn't help but rock out to Machinehead and Purple Haze, and neither could anyone else with a pulse, as you can see here:

This is the point in the dance where satan ascends from hell and takes control of my body for the entirety of Machinehead.

can you find me? I'm there, I assure you.

After prom was over, I went to Taco Bell and waited on directions to the 'big after-prom party' with some other people. We got directions, and went to the party, which was ok, I won't go into specifics, except to say that IB kids (ESPECIALLY Asian IB kids) and alcohol don't mix well.

So yeah, that was prom. The End.