10:32 PM: Lollapalooza 2004 Mix

Ok, so I'm still just as excited about Lollapalooza as I was yesterday. Today, instead of previewing the Day 2 bands (I'll get to that eventually), I decided to make a CD sampler of all the notable bands playing at Lollapalooza. Everyone from The Flaming Lips to The Fire Theft are present here, with the only notable exceptions being String Cheese Incident and Sound Tribe Sector 9 (sorry, jam bands just aren't my thing. never have been, probably never will be. I couldn't tell you anything of value about these bands if I wanted to).

Lollapalooza 2004 Mix

1. Modest Mouse-Teeth Like God's Shoeshine
2. Morrissey-America Is Not The World
3. Sonic Youth-Unmade Bed
4. PJ Harvey-Dress
5. Le Tigre-Deceptacon
6. Elbow-Independent Woman (Destiny's Child Cover)
7. The Thrills-Don't Steal Our Sun
8. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club-Stop
9. The Flaming Lips-A Spoonful Weighs A Ton
10. The Von Bondies-C'mon C'mon
11. The Walkmen-The Rat
12. Broken Social Scene-Anthems For A 17 Year-Old Girl
13. Morrissey-Irish Blood, English Heart
14. The Polyphonic Spree-Hangin' Around
15. Modest Mouse-Bukowski
16. Gomez-Get Myself Arrested
17. DJ Danger Mouse-99 Problems (Jay Z vs. The Beatles)
18. The Flaming Lips-Sleeping On The Roof
19. The Thrills-Big Sur
20. Sparta-RX Coup
21. The Fire Theft-Esc.

If you would like a copy of this CD, IM me at Sarlik, or stop me at school. Either give me a blank CD or a dollar, and I will gladly make you a copy (blank CD's don't grow on trees).

Hopefully, listening to this CD will get you excited enough about Lollapalooza to start making plans for purchasing a ticket. The more people that come, the better the experience will be!

Again, Lollapalooza will be on August 21st and 22nd in Atlanta at Turner Field (where the Braves play). Lawn tickets are only $50 for 2 days, and reserved seats are only $50 per day. It's a small price to pay to hear 25 quality bands live.